When I returned to his office, Dr. Chavez met with me to answer any questions I may have had about the detox and my upcoming treatments. He takes time with his patients, which we all appreciate, because it's genuine. I constantly marveled at how one man could dedicate his daily life, into the late hours of the night to his patients. After leaving the hospital, if I felt I couldn't cope, I was told to call. Dr. Chavez then concentrated on the pain, anger and self blame I felt about the accident.


The most memorable incident, took place when Dr. Barbara DeVico, my hypnotherapist traveled with me to the sight of the accident nearly ten years ago!  Amazingly, after all these years of anger, fear, guilt and pain, the intersection where the accident took place wasn't anywhere as large and menacing I had seen in my nightmares and night terrors. I even went to the home of the people I visited yearly up until the accident. Barbara 's intervention with hypnotherapy made me realize that this was no longer my home. That both the people I loved so dearly are now gone, and so was the woman who lost herself in the accident. It wasn't the place that I had called home anymore and I could move  on.



From that day on,  Barbara continued to help me with my greatest fears and blame. She made me understand my night terrors and nightmares, and how I can now look at them, without fear, but great expectation to a life, I thought
I would never have, on a journey to a new life, with exciting challenges. I was more than just a survivor, I was beginning a voyage of rediscovery . A journey where I could deal with the Chronic Pain, and dispel any night terrors or nightmares that came into my life. It was now my life and I had purpose. Add to this the help of my complete team, I started to heal.

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